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Steps to obtain CE Marking

  1. Classifying your product
  2. Providing Contact Information
  3. Adding additional requests
  4. Posting your query a response by Obelis shall be sent within 12-24 hours (!)

In order to issue a Quote, the classification of your product according to EU Regulation is imperative (!). All requirements and conformity assessment procedures as well as the respective services of the Authorized Representative will be defined based on the product classification.

If you are unable to classify your product, we will happily do so for you (Free of Charge). In order to classify your products we will need to receive for each product:

  • Product description: a copy of a leaflet or flyer will do (a website in English can suffice as well).
  • Claimed intent of use (what do you claim the product is intended to do?).
  • Short description of the Mode of operation (how is the product fulfilling its function?).

If you have already obtained a CE certificate, you can simply indicate it to us with the relevant classification of your product. It will help us to provide you with the most accurate quote for Authorized Representative services.

Obtaining a CE certificate by a Notified Body (when applicable) helps the European Authorized Representative in fulfilling its tasks!